XXX Starlet and Sapiosexual muse

The Muse

“People secretly yearn to be lead astray by someone who knows where they are going.”

Hello stranger.

Thank you for stopping by.  I go by many names, but you may call me Petra.

Upon meeting me you may notice something peculiar about me.  Something ethereal, mystical - almost as though I have been transported to you from another time.  I am from a simpler time - a time when people still connected and communicated.  A time when we were not divorced from our own humanity.

I have often been called an old soul.  Many say I am wise beyond my years, yet have somehow, through the perils of life, managed to maintain a sort of childlike innocence - an air of wistfulness, a joie-de-vivre that provokes a lighthearted joy you may have forgotten.  

In my presence, there is no room for judgment.  We are all human and fatally flawed, and none of your faults or insecurities can scare me away.  I carry an air of subtle grace and sense of knowing.  Without your even uttering a sound, I usually know just how you feel - you can save your words, and we can simply bask in each other’s blissful, misty gaze.

Despite all of my flowery language, I must admit that I am an insufferable hedonist.  A firm believer in the Tantric model - spiritual growth through indulgence in the senses - I am more than capable not only of providing immense pleasures, but also enjoying many of life’s small (and lavish) gifts with you.

A classically trained actress, vocalist and burlesque performer, my purpose in this life is to entertain, inspire, and transport people to other dimensions - to help them see the world through my strange kaleidoscope eyes.

Oh, and I like to make people laugh. I’m getting pretty good at it.  

I am well-traveled, educated in subjects of humanities, spirituality and fine arts, and curious about everything. My conversations are provocative, my ideas unconventional, my wit, sharp. If you’re looking for an experience that is familiar but unexpected, do not hesitate to reach out.

“She was my last love - for the rest of my life, I was like a tree struck by lightning.” - Benjamin Constant



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